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Traveling: the mind phenomenon that reveals the world's most puzzling mysteries, past, present, and future.
Entry for May 16, 2008
As Bonny and I prepare to write a third book in the Travel series, we're seriously considering doing it on the phenomenon of UFO encounters.  We have spent a great deal of time Traveling to numerous sightings in the past, around the world, including Crop Circles, abductions, animal mutilations, and extraterrestrial technology, and would not persue this topic if we had not discovered sufficient Travel evidence to confirm their existence.  We encourage any input from our readers and would appreciated information on specific sitings of interest (location & date) that we might not be familiar with, as yet.
2008-05-16 20:52:05 GMT
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For John Terry. I have finished the book:"Through the eyes of a Traveler". It would
appear that I will need a partner to help me get
relaxed so I can "mind travel". I was at the
meeting at Bonny's home on Sat Aug 16 where we met (I gave you my card). My wife would be the
ideal "partner", but since she works full time she has neither the time or interest right now.
Are there experienced "mind travelers" (like Gary Taylor or Randy Eggett - both friends) who
live in the Salt Lake area whom I could contact
for help in getting into the relaxed condition
for "mind traveling"???? I do not think I could
initially do it ALONE (Like you and Gary Taylor
do regularly). Any contacts you could provide would be greatly appreciated. In a pinch, I could travel to Bountiful and have Randy Eggett
work with me, but if possible I would much prefer to work with someone much closer (due price of gas, heh, heh). If you have a separate
e-mail for personal contact I would appreciate
having that as I'm not sure I have accessed the
correct place for this communication. Thanking
you in advance, I remain, Very Sincerely Yours,
Richard C. Knudson, Holladay, Ut. Ph.278-7889
--Richard C. Knudson
2008-08-22 23:35:56 GMT
Richard, thank you very much; it is for people like yourself, who aren't afraid to be open to new and unorthodox ideas that we write the books. And it has always been our intention to have people everywhere who are familiar with the ReSPITE relaxation & travel techniques that can help others, but as of this writing, we have no certified ReSPITE Therapists in the Salt Lake area. There are plenty of people, however, who have experienced the ReSPITE Travel, but whether they feel confident in using the techniques to help you, I don't know. Please call us and we can refer you to a few good people who might be willing.
--John Terry
2008-08-23 20:14:50 GMT
John, Thanks for a quick reply to my previous inquiry. Lets start with a few contacts in the
SLC area. I'll chat with them and see how they
might feel about being a "partner". If those
contacts are unavailable or reluctant, then I
think I'll just opt for one of your 2-day
ReSpite sessions later this year. Believe me, I
REALLY do want to learn how to "mind travel"
Contact me via e-mail, or here, but let me
know your response is at this blog page. Thanks
a Bunch. If I ever master the art, I'd love to
take a travel trip with you where BOTH of us
are "travlers". That would be fantastic for me.
Sincerest Regards, Dick Knudson
--Dick Knudson
2008-08-24 05:42:38 GMT